Graphite’s perSecond function

So as per my previous post I came across this function because derivative and nonNegativeDerivative were not working correctly.

I tried this function out on Graphite 0.9.10 and I got exception messages that I outlined on Graphite’s Launchpad. I installed Graphite 0.9.9 and got the same exception and after looking up the documentation for Graphite 0.9.9 I noticed that function is missing. Since I got the exact same exception message I’m assuming the function was missed from 0.9.10 stable release as well. I’m still not sure if that is the real problem but hopefully someone will reply to my post on launchpad.

Since it was crucial for us to get this working I downloaded the Graphite Web development code (version 0.10) from Github project along with Ceres project and compiled and installed them. I also needed Python-byparsing to be able to resolve the dependencies. Note that I used whisper and carbon at latest stable release (0.9.10) to increase my chances of hitting bugs in development code. After installation the function was working perfectly!

So far it looks like we’re in the clear and haven’t hit any bugs…##fingers crossed##

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