How to integrate Ganglia 3.3.x+ and Graphite 0.9.x?

As of Ganglia 3.3.x the Graphite Integration plugin was integrated into gmetad. So if configured properly, when gmetad gathers the data it writes to RRDs and sends the metrics to Graphite.

Now, you might ask why would you want to integrate with Graphite?
Better graphs, more calculation options such Standard Deviation, Moving Average, many other tools that integrate to Graphite such as Tattle or Dynamic Graphing tools and much much more are reasons why you would want to integrate with Graphite.

Why would you not simply go to Graphite and skip Ganglia?
Well, in our case we needed Ganglia because we’re using HBase and Cloudera and unfortunately Cloudera provides integration to Ganglia and I believe JMX.. But if you have the option of going directly to Graphite then go for it. The Graphite website provide pretty good instructions for the install..

Finally, to integrate Ganglia 3.3.x+ with Graphite simply add the following lines to your gmetad.conf file.
carbon_server  server_name/ip
carbon_port 2003
graphite_prefix "ganglia"
  • Carbon_Port is not mandatory and can be omitted. The default port for Carbon is 2003 so if you haven’t changed it in Graphite settings then you can skip it.
  • Graphite_prefix is the name that all your clusters and metrics will reside under. Its just a directory structure.
  • You must restart gmetad service for changes to take effect.
    service gmetad restart
  • Once you restart the service you must monitor /var/log/messages for any errors.
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