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Setting Outlook settings through Group Policy

Here’s a great article that includes links and instructions on how to set outlook settings through group policy.

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Webex Productivity Tools does not show up in Outlook 2007

After installing Webex Productivity Tools you expect to see the Webex buttons in the outlook 2007 but you don’t.

You might have already checked the Trust Center -> Add-ins and found that Webex Productivity Tools is currently inactive. You try to enable it using Manage COM Add-ins but it does not enable it.

The problem is that your Macro Security settings is preventing Webex Productivity Tools to become active. Unfortunately Webex does not create a signed Macro. You can change the Macro Security by going in the Trust Center and changing the level to a less secure option.

Also, there was another issue with Webex Productivity Tools with Office 2007 that has been addressed by Webex. If you installed an earlier version then try uninstalling and installing the new version to address other installation issues.


MS Excel – Printer not found

If you’re using co-location or hosting and using MS Excel you probably came across of an issue where Excel is unable to find any printers even though you have shared your own printers using RDP session and the drivers are installed.

The reason is that Excel looks in registry and if it doesn’t find a key called “Device” in the user profile then it shows an error message that printer is not installed. Here’s a registry fix that will resolve the issue. You must run it on each user.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]