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Visual Source Safe 6.0 – Get Latest window doesn’t pop up

If working with VSS 6.0 and no matter how many times you try the Get Latest or check-in and check-out windows do not pop up then there is something wrong with ss.ini for the user. Here’s my way of troubleshooting it:

1. The first sign of corruption for only that user is that other users are able to work with VSS and everything runs as it should.
2. Have the user exit all the VSS session he/she has open
3. Go to the VSS database folders and find the users folder
4. Find the folder for the user that has the problem
5. check out the ss.ini for any abnormalities or better yet copy the ss.ini from template.ini found in the users folder and rename it to ss.ini.

No matter how many times my users have this or similar issues that affect only one user then that fixes it.

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