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I’ve been looking at WPF and how we can utilize it in our applications so I’ve compiled a list of items that convinced me to start working with it.

WPF vs Window Forms

Why should you start using WPF?

What should you use WPF for?

First off, WPF is not just for applications which simply require “eye candy.” That is the most common and frustrating misperception about WPF which I’ve encountered. Sure, WPF has a lot of support for flashy visuals and animations. But that’s not all it’s good for. If you’ve worked with WPF for any substantial period of time you are probably well aware of this fact, so I won’t keep harping on the issue.

WPF is an especially great platform to use if your applications involve various media types. For example, if you need to incorporate video, or documents, or 3D content, or animated transitions between a sequence of images, or a combination of any of the above. WPF is also great if you need to create a skinned user interface, or if you need to bind to XML data, or dynamically load portions of a user interface from a Web service, or want to create a desktop application with a Web-like navigation style.

Another great reason to use WPF is if you have a team of developers who are bored with WinForms and are itching to get into something new and cool. Of course this is not as powerful and compelling a reason from a business perspective, but nothing promotes employee retention better than keeping the employees interested in their jobs.

WPF Cheat Sheet

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